Recalibrate your technology plan: Cloud Collaboration

Workforce collaboration has changed. We aren't going back to conference rooms full of people, and that's a good thing. When you are recalibrating your technology plan enabling cloud collaboration should be a part of it. This is more than video conferencing and screen sharing.

Recalibrate your technology plan: Zero Trust Security

Get ready to hear a lot about the Zero Trust security model going forward. The #wfh movement has put this front and center in any technology planning discussion. This is not a fad or product to implement, it's a mindset shift that needs to occur in our technology planning.

Are you getting what you pay for?

"Am I getting what I'm paying for?"  This is a question every business leader should ask themselves about each their budget lines items at least annually.  Some areas are easy enough to gauge; utilities and rent come to mind.  Others are much harder; think about labor, marketing, and your technology budget.