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Up To 30% Savings over Traditional Managed IT Services
HealthSafeIT’s unique approach to healthcare managed IT services has a trackrecord of saving groups up to 30% versus traditional managed IT services or internal IT team hires.
Smart Planning with Intelligent Technology Roadmaps
Our service extends to shaping your future with Intelligent Technology Roadmaps & Budget, assisting leadership in strategic technology investment decisions.
Regulatory Training Made Engaging
We prioritize compliance through User IT Security and HIPAA Training, delivering gamified, engaging education for your staff.
Streamlined IT Compliance
HealthSafeIT’s IT Compliance Policy Templates simplify the creation and maintenance of compliance documents, easing the workload for HR and compliance teams.
Uninterrupted Productivity with Service Desk Support
HealthSafeIT’s Service Desk provides immediate end-user support, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
Seamless User Provisioning
Facilitate effortless employee transitions with our User Provisioning system, designed to streamline HR processes.
Effortless Workstation Management
With Workstation Procurement and Deployment, a simple email sets the process in motion for necessary PC upgrades, reflecting a seamless integration of technology services.
Uncompromised Data Safety
Our Managed Backup and Recovery ensures that your data is protected and quickly recoverable, safeguarding your most critical assets.
Strategic Asset Management
Hardware/Software Asset Management by HealthSafeIT offers precise tracking for optimized resource management.
Dedicated Expertise On-Demand
The Dedicated Technical Advisor service provides specialized guidance to support your technology planning and decision-making processes.

In the world of healthcare technology, HealthSafeIT stands alone as a bulwark of security and efficiency.

Our integrated suite of IT services and software brings a comprehensive package to your clinics staff and providers.

Baseline Security Management, Sharing and Guest Management, and robust MDM and Endpoint Management, ensures that your organization’s foundation is secure, collaboration is effortless, and device management is centralized, enhancing both security and manageability for your whole organization.

HealthSafeIT takes the complexity out of IT processes. From seamless User Provisioning and Workstation Procurement to Dedicated Technical Advisor support and Intelligent Technology Roadmap & Budget planning, we provide tools that simplify onboarding, hardware upgrades, and strategic decision-making. Our Managed Backup and Recovery and comprehensive Asset Management systems safeguard your data and track your IT assets meticulously, ensuring business continuity and optimal resource utilization. Easy and ongoing change can be a simple as a phone call or email.

Training and compliance are at the heart of HealthSafeIT. With our engaging User IT Security and HIPAA Training modules, your staff will be well-versed in best practices, while our IT Compliance Policy Templates streamline the creation of essential compliance documents. HealthSafeIT is not just a product; it’s your connection to Stringfellow Technology Group, helping you navigate the complexities of healthcare IT.

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