About Us

About US

Stringfellow Technology Group is revolutionizing healthcare IT services with HealthSafeIT, our unique approach to healthcare managed IT services. By focusing on security, efficiency, and user-friendly solutions, HealthSafeIT reduces complexity, enhances productivity, and ensures uninterrupted operations in healthcare environments. Our unique IT roadmaps based on the HealthSafeIT approach help plan out your advancement in your healthcare group.

Beyond technical solutions, HealthSafeIT emphasizes training and compliance, offering engaging security and HIPAA training modules and streamlined IT compliance policy templates. As a key part of Stringfellow’s mission, HealthSafeIT is dedicated to navigating and simplifying the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, ensuring our clients stay ahead in providing exceptional patient care.

For more details, visit the HealthSafeIT section on Stringfellow’s website.

Stringfellow is your healthcare business partner, offering HealthSafeIT: complete managed IT services and support for your medical group. We look forward to being a part of your success.