Intelligent Technology Transformation – In Real Life

Does your business need an Intelligent Technology transformation?  Not just a new coat of paint, but a serious remodeling.  Like that starter house you bought and now it has two children in it, TIME TO DO SOMETHING.

A technology transformation is often needed to reset the status quo.  Band-aids and increment change will not work.

A prospect (now a Client) came to us with a big problem.  They spent $200,000 developing a web-based application that would give them a big competitive advantage in the marketplace.  The problem was that their 16 locations across the United States were all complaining about how SLOW it was during testing.  No chance they wanted this rolled out.

They wanted us to review the application to see if we could figure out why it was running slowly.  We didn’t need to be developers to figure this out.  You see, we logged into the application and had no issues, everything ran as expected.  This let us know the issue was likely not with the application, but with the lack of standards-based technology deployed across the 16 locations.  After some convincing, the prospect agreed to let us put together an Intelligent Technology Roadmap for them to review.

An Intelligent Technology Transformation is driven by the business needs and goals.

In this case the need was to roll out a new web-based application that would INCREASE PROFITS.  This made it easy for the Client to understand why they would need to spend about $150,000 to get all their locations up to “standard” and then budget for about the same amount going forward to ensure this didn’t happen again.

This specific case had a huge ROI as the Client was able to utilize the new application properly, and also identified several productivity increasing workflows along the way.  None of this would have been possible without the initial transformation.  This transformation had to be justified on a business, not technical level.  This is where a lot of groups fail, they are trying to justify technology for technology’s sake…no chance that will fly with the CFO!

Transformation can be a little scary, but often it is the only viable path forward after years of technology “wandering”.

Turning technology from a cost center into a productive asset will not happen without proper investment.  It also will not happen incrementally, technology moves too quickly to handle as-needed, or in a reactive fashion.  You need to have a plan that aligns with your business strategy, and then execute PROACTIVELY.  Getting to this point will often require an Intelligent Technology Transformation, but with the right plan and partner it is easy to realize a positive ROI and start on the path to increased productivity and profits!