Cybersecurity and Compliance Services for Healthcare Organizations

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With Stringfellow defending your IT infrastructure, you can focus on caring for patients without worrying about costly and damaging cyberattacks or compliance penalties.

What do cybersecurity and compliance services from Stringfellow deliver for your organization?

Data Backup and Recovery Powered by Datto

Stringfellow handles all aspects of your backup and disaster recovery operations in partnership with Datto, the world’s leading data backup solution provider. From getting back that accidentally deleted file to spinning up your remote desktop servers after a natural disaster, we can do it all.

Cloud-Managed Security

We provide centralized monitoring and response for security events across all your networks and devices. Our comprehensive set of hardware, software, and cloud security tools keep your organization secure and your data safe, even when your employees are working off site.

Email Security

Our team protects your most used and vulnerable communication channel with Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection, including email encryption, filtering (scam protection), and more. Stringfellow has developed a standard set of best practices around Microsoft 365 services and implements them for all clients.

Easy HIPAA Compliance and Reporting

We know HIPAA inside and out, and will not only assist you in achieving compliance, but we'll also implement solutions to ensure you can easily maintain and prove compliance. You can protect your patient data and prevent compliance penalties with minimal effort on your part.