Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…how do you run your technology?

Do you run your technology like it’s a plane, train, or automobile?  All three will get your from point A to point B, but in very different ways.  We can also apply this concept to how you run your technology.  Let’s assume you have decided where you want to go, now let’s review how we are going to get there!

Trains are very efficient at moving large amounts of material over predefined routes.

There are limited choices along the journey and course can only be changed at switch yards.  Trains require very large capital investments, and are not flexible in their routes.   This is the opposite of how you want technology to be run in your business.

Many companies are stuck in the train model, but that’s not all bad.  If the destination (business requirements) are static and there is a large fixed investment already made in infrastructure that can deliver, then it works.  The issue is we are talking about TECHNOLOGY and assuming a STATIC business model.  There are not many businesses left with this luxury.  Typically they are found in the utility and other monopolistic spaces.  Most internal IT groups are only interested in running the trains on time, and business leaders don’t question whether there is a better way….and then your competition drives right by you, in a car!

Cars are the most common mode of transportation.

They allow the driver to choose both a speed, and route of travel.  You can pass other cars on the road and not everyone has to follow the same route.  There are a variety of cars available at different price points, and the specialization of your vehicle is possible.

The majority of businesses are using this model for their technology.  They review the business needs and then decide on what type of car (technology) is going to be best suited to support it.  There is less capital investment and increased flexibility if your needs change.  One of the issues with this model is that EVERYONE has access to the same roads.  It requires that you have a good strategy (route) that will avoid traffic and get you there sooner!

Planes add a completely new element, altitude.

You have complete freedom to choose how to get to your destination.  These businesses can utilize technology to be disruptive and arrive at their destination much sooner!  The best part about this is that planes are often in the CLOUD(s)!  Coincidence, we think not.

The additional skill required to properly plan and execute a plane-based technology model requires a competent partner, or at a minimum a great deal of training and experience.  This is where the airlines come in, just pick one and let them handle the heavy lifting while you sit back and enjoy the flight!  Shifting to this model of technology deliver flexibility, speed, and safety for your business.  Yes, that’s correct planes are SAFER than both cars or trains!