It starts with a notification…

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A notification in your pocket dings and lets you know someone is trying to log into your email.

That’s weird, you think, I didn’t do that.

Upon closer inspection, you notice the login request is coming from Paris, France. Something’s not right.

A hacker phished You.

The excel spreadsheet that your work colleague sent you was fake. You didn’t actually have to login to Microsoft 365 to view the file. What you logged into was a fake Office portal. A scammer built it to look just like Microsoft’s familiar email and productivity suite portal. But they didn’t count on Stringfellow Technology Group.

Luckily, your technology leadership partner in Brentwood, Tennessee built castle walls around your data, ensuring that any would-be attacker would have to work pretty hard to get in.

You make a quick call to your friendly TSS member and let him know what’s going on and tell them about the notification. He confirms someone has been attempting to login from various locations around the world and asks if you’ve been traveling. The notifications are the last part of the login process, which is called “Multi-Factor Authentication.” MFA as its called, makes sure that you verify ever login. Hmmm, you think, glad that’s setup.

The technician resets your password and you get to create a new password, but your information is safe.

Your company’s information is safe. The attacker’s fake link gets deleted, and you breathe a sigh of relief, knowing you just dodged a bullet. You thank the technician, not even realizing that the security that has been put in place took weeks to setup and configure.

The payload protected was millions of dollars of financial data and banking account information for your company, as well as employee, client, and vendor information. Instead of a major loss, you just had to call this friendly technician and reset your password. A fair tradeoff to be sure.

You dodged a bullet.

We are Stringfellow Technology Group and we’re always looking for new ways to protect your company data, even if you accidentally give it away.

This could be you, if you aren’t sure about your IT, give us a call so we can discover how we can help.

Certain peril can be one notification away.

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