Keep the I, outsource the T

IT is two separate and distinct areas, Information, and Technology.  Most organizations only focus on the “T” resulting in reduced profits and productivity.  Let us look at the two sides of this and understand what needs to stay in-house, and what a partner should handle.

Information is the life blood of today’s business.  The ability to access, analyze, and monitor the information your business generates is a key to success.  In healthcare data analysts are helping optimize outcomes and increase patient satisfaction.  Business analysts are helping make supply chain decisions that impact the bottom line significantly.  CIOs are putting together dashboards and bringing actionable data to leadership on a regular basis.

Understanding information and making decisions for your business cannot be outsourced.  Context only comes with being PART of the organization to make the best decision.  Outside consultants may have experience with similar businesses, but until they spend time inside your organization, they cannot match the decision making of an internal team member.  Long term business success comes with building an Information processing capability.

The Information side of IT has a meaningful impact on your competitive advantage.

The most common roles associated with this are Business Analyst, Process/Workflow Coordinator, Data Analyst, and CIO.  Staffing these roles will make a meaningful impact on the results your business achieves.  Be sure to consider why you do not have these roles in place today!

Technology is standards based and repeatable.

Technology alignment, planning, and operations should be outsourced to an experienced partner.  Electricity is essential to a business, but no one operates a power plant!  Why is it any different with technology?  The shift to hybrid work and cloud-based applications has accelerated the move to outsource technology to a partner.  Throw in the constant security threats all organizations face and keeping Technology in-house seems like a recipe for disaster.

A mature organization with have an experienced TECHNOLOGY ENABLEMENT partner in place that handles the “T” side of the IT equation.  This will leave them a productive and secure platform to operate on.  Technology requires trial and error to get right, and no business needs to live through “figuring it out” this way.  Keep the Information side of your business in-house, outsource the T!