Why Buy Business Class Equipment?

by: Edward Stringfellow

There are new options for tablets, fablets, and laptops coming out every day. Many of these devices are targeted towards consumers and sold in retail stores and online. We are often asked why the Lenovo Yoga sold at your local retailer for less than the business-class ThinkPad Yoga we sell is not a good choice. The reason it cost less is due to several factors; consumer-grade OS (typically Windows Home), hardware components that can be non-standard, and the big one BLOATWARE! 

Bloatware is software installed on consumer grade PCs by third parties that pay to the manufacturer for the right to do this. Think about all the free trials for anti-virus, backup, password mangers, and a hundred other services that come with those PCs if you have every bought one.  The issue is that none of this software is needed (or wanted) in a business environment and often causes issues for the user. 

The Lenovo SuperFish software is a great example of this. We love Lenovo products BUT we only sell the business-class versions for this very reason. The SuperFish software was installed only on their consumer product line not the business-class machines we sell. This is a standard practice with all manufacturers and will only get worse and they attempt to subsidies the price of consumer-grade equipment.   

Like anything in life you get what you pay for, so if you are needing a business-class machine it will often carry a premium, but it is well worth it in the long run! If you have any equipment needs, give us a call or click HERE to email Taylor.