Shifts in the MSP Industry

Not Surprising....

Another article about the significant shift in the MSP industry towards the cloud.  It surprises me that this is surprising!  We have been recommending cloud services to our Clients since we started in 2005.  The model of making money off installing servers and reselling equipment is done.

Hosted VoIP Goes Mainstream

Phones Occupy a Special Place In the Technology World.
They are one of the few devices that haven't changed since Alexander Graham Bell's first call.  Their purpose is simple, to connect people together over audio.  Sure we can text, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook…but to hear someone's voice is still a very human connection, that we all want to ability to make.

Digital Haves and Have Nots

Digital Haves and Have Not's
The debate about whether the future is analog or digital ended in the 80's.  Once a PC was put on  every desktop there was no stopping the digital revolution.  Today's debate is now around what LEVEL of participation you will have in the revolution! As the economy becomes more and more digital, it will directly impact your business's performance.

Good Questions to Ask…

Don't Get Caught in Your Vendor's Business Model Transition
You cannot serve two masters. Some would say it's Biblical, I also think it is good business sense. I am seeing a LOT of companies jump on the "managed" bandwagon. Whether it's managed IT, security, phones, lawn care….okay maybe not lawn care as much!

What is concerning  is the "me-too" providers, attempting to transition to the managed service delivery model without the prerequisite experience and commitment to it.