Hosted VoIP Goes Mainstream

Phones Occupy a Special Place In the Technology World.

They are one of the few devices that haven’t changed since Alexander Graham Bell’s first call.  Their purpose is simple, to connect people together over audio.  Sure we can text, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook…but to hear someone’s voice is still a very human connection, that we all want to ability to make.

Everyone reading this has a mobile phone number, maybe even two!  What is interesting is that we also typically have a business phone number that is tied to an actual physical phone system at our office somewhere.  Now why is this?  Typically because the phone system has been in place for a while, it just works, and well….that’s how it is.  Buying a new system is expensive and doesn’t really give many added features.  Caller ID and Call Waiting were awesome in the 80’s but pretty standard today!

So what are we really talking about? (pun intended).  We are talking about moving past the concept of a phone being a physical device you make calls from your desk on, to a SERVICE that you use to connect with other people via audio and/or video.  People often say “Oh, this is phone system is Voice over IP (VoIP)”, but not really.  VoIP is the technology behind the scenes, what we are really talking about is Voice as a Service.

You should be able to use your voice services just like email – across all your devices.  Can you image being able to send email from only one “special” device (make a call), while all the other devices can only read it (receive a call)?  No way!  Moving to the Voice as a Service model all your devices can make and receive calls…including your trusty ‘ol desktop if you still want to have one!

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Written by: Edward Stringfellow