Webinar Highlights: Healthcare IT Roadmap Planning

Healthcare IT Roadmap Planning

Date: November 15, 2023

November’s live webinar covered several useful topics for growing and expanding through healthcare IT roadmap planning. Many of our clients’ groups have finished planning their 2024 calendar year by November. If you haven’t even started or have a fuzzy view of the future, this webinar can give you a rough outline of our approach. For details specific to your clinic, schedule your healthcare IT roadmap planning session with one of our consultants today.

Notable Quotes:

  1. “Planning involves mapping business needs to actionable steps, while budgeting often focuses on maintenance.”
  2. “Technical debt arises when an organization’s IT budget is disproportionately spent on maintaining the status quo rather than on innovation.”
  3. “The Business Model Canvas is a strategic tool for revisiting your business plan and identifying areas where technology can augment your practice’s goals.”
  4. “Allocate approximately 4.3% of your revenue to IT, with about half dedicated to roadmap initiatives to prevent accruing technical debt.”

Discussion Points:

  • Differentiating between healthcare IT roadmap planning and budgeting.
  • Understanding and addressing technical debt in IT.
  • Utilizing the Business Model Canvas for strategic IT planning.
  • Categorizing IT needs into core, security, and productivity.
  • Budgeting benchmarks for healthcare IT.
  • A case study showcasing the benefits of strategic IT planning.

For more insights on effectively planning your healthcare IT roadmap and your IT budget, contact us at Stringfellow.

We are committed to helping you build a robust and future-ready IT infrastructure for your practice.