The Modern Clinic is Not a Brick Building.

Modern Office Spread out

The modern clinic is not a brick building. Today’s modern clinic is spread across multiple offices, patient homes, and hospitals.  Today’s modern clinic is in your pocket for both patients and providers.  The key to making the modern clinic work is mobility.  Documents, imaging, chart notes, and messages; everything can be done from mobile devices, but mobility must mobilize the right way!

A Modern Clinic Done Wrong

Done wrong, mobility is a nightmare of unnecessary expenses and security pitfalls. At worst, it can degrade into group texts or GroupMe chats. You laugh, but we recently talked to a 200-person clinic that used GroupMe for business communications with their team.  GroupMe is great for sports teams but terrible for HIPAA compliance. Sure, you can mandate rules and best practices, but good luck trying to enforce that in a GroupMe chat.

Mobility needs a clear strategy executed by a partner that understands healthcare workflows.  Setting up a clunky VPN to access the same desktop applications since the 2000’s is NOT mobility.  Mobility is a cloud-native strategy where access is seamless from any device with minimal hassle. 

Microsoft Teams as a first step

Healthcare leaders need a better solution for mobile communications: Microsoft Teams. But not just the out-of-the-box MS Teams experience will do. A partner like Stringfellow Technology Group has decades of experience securing healthcare communications for clinics like yours. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve used Teams before. Teams can do it all, but Teams can also do it all wrong!

Getting Microsoft Teams set up correctly can instantly transform your clinic’s internal operations.  It can speed up revenue cycles and internal communications and simplify document access.  Combined with a cloud-enabled EHR, this is the first step in the modern clinic journey. 

Your clinic is no longer a building or a place. It is a group of people that need access to systems and information anywhere, at any time, to provide patient care. 

Let Stringfellow help modernize your clinic today.