Another Late Night?

Another Late Night

The pain of late-night charting is real, as shown in one recent study that found providers spend too many hours trying to catch up.

We talk to groups struggling with working remotely, getting through security, or logging into the EHR system to do their job. So often, a growing business can become a mess of different systems, logins, and confusion. As your clinic grows, the systems in place can become hurdles to cross to get work done and see patients.

There is a better way.

How Can We Make Remote Access Easier?

Late nights don’t have to be the norm. Stringfellow has extensive expertise in analyzing the remote access needs of healthcare groups. We aim to provide simple, secure, and fast remote access, if you need it.

If you hate late-night charting, you’re not alone. If you manage a group of providers doing too many late nights, we may be able to help.

A Real Example

Here’s an example of how we helped one group cut their late nights.

A growing healthcare group we help had the wrong security solution. This clunky login was costing every provider valuable time. So we put in the right security solution. Going forward, the providers and staff could sign in with their fingerprint or a Proxima card, making getting in and out of their PC a breeze.

A simple fix meant these healthcare providers shaved accumulated hours and cut back on the “extra” work they did weekly. And that’s just one example.

You don’t need any more late nights at the clinic; you need an easier way to work and less hassle.

Reach out, and let’s discuss how to make more time in the day and get you home for dinner.