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A proper technology strategy should have a meaningful impact on your business. 

Meaningful means more than keeping on budget, maximizing useful life, or calculating pay back periods on capital outlays.  Meaningful is giving your business ALIGNMENT with a technology strategy that has been proven to deliver increased ROI over time, increased productivity, and improved competitive advantage.

The advances in cloud services and outsourced partner capabilities have generated a new model for evaluating technology investments.  Cloud services allow you to instantly have access to computing power and applications that, in the past, would have incurred significant capital investment.  Instead of an upfront capital expense that depreciates over time, you are paying for actual utilization on an on-going basis.  The win is that as you require more (or less) computing power/services your operating expense aligns with revenues (need).

Outsourced partner capabilities are now better than what can be delivered in-house due to the advances in tools, connectivity, and scale.  The services available now allow for instant support access, automated resolution of common issues, and issue tracking in a way that seamlessly integrates with your business workflows.  This is especially true for businesses that have between 50-500 employees, as they now require capacity and scale that is hard to justify on internal resources…yet they need it!

The correct technology strategy will align with your business goals, minimize capital expense over time, free up cash-flow, and be driven by utilization.  At Stringfellow we have shifted all of our Clients to this model and typically reduced ongoing technology spend while increasing productivity.  Call us today to see how our strategies can work for your business!