Cloud hosting for business continuity

Unforeseen disasters can strike at any time, and when they do, your business could come to a grinding halt. Having a business continuity plan could prevent this from happening by securing your valuable business data at another location. But all too often, data backup can be too complicated for the average IT personnel to manage. […]

Playing the long game in business

There is a time limit in sporting events is because there has to be a loser!  Don't put a time limit on your business relationships, play the long game.

Three advantages of playing the long game with your business relationships:

Allows for investments in improving the overall relationship…this can often take time to realize a return
When relationship issues occur there is a much better chance of positive resolution and understanding
Long term relationships inspire commitment and stability for both parties

Playing the long game is the best way to manage your business relationships….if you don't see investment, understanding, and stability from your business partners it may be time to go and evaluate others.

110% client retention exists…here’s how!

Client retention is an important metric for any business, especially those with a high customer acquisition cost (CAC).  The old saying it's always easier to keep a client you have than to go and find a new one is true!  What if you could plan on not only keeping all your (profitable) Clients, but getting them to FURTHER commit to your partnership?  Now we are talking about 110% retention!
How do you achieve 110% Client retention? 
What happens to Client retention when you add real value to their bottom line?  Not only do Clients stay, they INCREASE their commitment over time.

Quick review: why you need virtualization

Truly understanding the ins and outs of virtualization is not for the faint hearted. It’s a complicated field that is constantly evolving, but one thing mostly remains the same: its benefits. Read on for a simple recap of just a few of virtualization’s greatest advantages. More technology uptime Virtualization vendors use fancy names for the […]

How does virtualization improve business?

The relationship between computer hardware and software can be frustrating. Both require the other to function properly, but both also require individual attention. Virtualization makes this relationship far more flexible, and we’ve got a rundown on a few of the best examples. More technology uptime Virtualization vendors use lots of fancy names for the features […]