Why Buy Business Class Equipment?

by: Edward Stringfellow
There are new options for tablets, fablets, and laptops coming out every day. Many of these devices are targeted towards consumers and sold in retail stores and online. We are often asked why the Lenovo Yoga sold at your local retailer for less than the business-class ThinkPad Yoga we sell is not a good choice.

Is it Time for a Technology Plan?

Is it time for a technology plan?
It's time to re-think how we plan and budget for technology.  Mobile devices, cloud computing, and increasing bandwidth at affordable prices have fundamentally changed how technology is now used in businesses.  If you are still purchasing capital-intensive products (think servers, software, and storage) it is time to step back and see if your overall approach to technology needs a “reboot”.

The cloud is about turning capital costs into operating costs that are tied to utilization.

Ten Years and Three Trends

by: Edward Stringfellow

Ten Years and Three Trends
Ten years ago we founded Stringfellow on the idea that running a solid technology infrastructure and providing end-user support were not functions a business should handle in-house. Our vision has been confirmed across hundreds of Clients, thousands of users, and millions of files managed under our services.

It’s Okay to Walk Around with Your Head in the Clouds

by Edward Stringfellow

Technology typically makes things more reliable and easier to use. Cars have navigation, your smartphone can find you a place to eat, and you can watch movies pretty much anywhere there is a screen, even on an airplane. The “cloud” is a key component of today’s technology landscape, and it enables many of these new services to be available anytime, anywhere.