Unless you like building power plants, get on board with technology subscriptions

technology subscription

Would you build a power or water filtration plant for your business? The answer for 99% of us is no, which would make no sense.  Many large factories built their own power plants at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. There was no distribution network or centralized power plant to connect it to.  This was the only way to access reliable and consistent power for the factory.

The Information Revolution has followed a very similar pattern.  At first, we purchased a very expensive PC (Personal Computer) and set it up in our physical office.  Next, a distribution network (The Internet) was developed, and finally, a central source of power (The Cloud) was connected to it.  Today, having a server in your office to handle email or file sharing is the same as running a power plant out back!

Many business owners continue funding capital-intensive power plant (server and software) installations to avoid technology subscription based technology services.  Replicating the scale and efficiency of your local utility company by producing your own power and water is never considered, but an email server….let’s do that in-house.

To help business owners understand why technology subscriptions are a requirement for today’s world, it’s important to review these three key points:

  1. The time to spin up technology subscription based services is substantially less than in-house implementation.  Ditto for ongoing support costs.  (Your internal IT group will NEVER own up to this, as we are now talking about JOB security)
  2. Subscriptions are a utilization based pricing model.  Just like power and water, you pay for what you use.  No more capacity planning or wasted capital dollars.
  3. Access to technology subscription based services can (almost always) happen from anywhere.  No more VPN connection back to the office or data center.

You can obtain all technology services you need today on a subscription basis, including the hardware!  It is a shift that needs to be embraced by business owners as a way to increase the scalability and efficiency of their business operations.  It will pay off in the long term!