Intelligent Technology Advice – Protect Your Reputation, Train your People

Your business reputation is an important asset, you should protect it properly!  Years of work go into building it, but it only takes one event to damage it.  We purchase business insurance coverage, install security cameras, alarms, and all kinds of technology security “stuff”.  The issue is that we guard all the obvious areas and then leave the back window open!  A chain is only as strong as the weakest link, and that is what you need to be looking for.

The weakest link in your security chain is your people.

The biggest risk to your business reputation comes from your people.  Humans have a way of doing some of the strangest things!  Intentional or not, your people will expose your business to reputation risk at some point.  A business needs to provide a level of training and protection for their people that minimizes this risk.

No amount of technology will overcome a human’s ability to make a bad decision, so focus on helping them make better decisions!

Providing cyber-security training for your people is a requirement in today’s business environment.  The threats being delivered via email, webpages, and social media are too complex to be completely mitigated by technology alone.  The smartest piece of “software” in your business is your people!  Training and testing them will not only provide a higher level of protection for your business reputation, it will also be value to them as citizen’s of today’s digital world!

At Stringfellow we have partnered with ThreatAdvice to deliver ongoing cyber-security training and testing to all our Clients.  This is now part of our Intelligent Technology platform and should be considered part of any technology strategy for your business.  Contact Us today to learn more!