Spring Break, the true test of your Technology Strategy

We all know the feeling of taking “time off” and wondering how much work we can fit in during the vacation.  Spring Break is mandatory time off for those of us with school-aged children, and should be treated as a great opportunity to make memories and spend quality time together.  Will your technology support this?

Does your technology enhance your quality of life?

This is not a business or personal question, because there really is no difference today.  The reality is that work and life BLEND together which is great if you can BALANCE it.  Technology in your business should enable you to take quality time off, not keep you chained to the office!

Smart use of technology can enable the following scenarios:

  1. Easily keep in touch with your team and stay abreast of developments on YOUR SCHEDULE.  (Microsoft Teams)
  2. Access corporate information with minimal effort on any device (Citrix ShareFile)
  3. Handle business calls without jumping through a bunch of hoops (Microsoft Skype for Business)

For those of you going, wait a second, this is TERRIBLE, “I want to be completely disconnected from the office when I’m on my time.”  First, we salute you, second this simply not realistic for most of us, especially those running small businesses.

Sure if you are a larger company with a couple levels of management, then you can get away with being MIA for longer periods of time.  For those of us that aren’t there yet, let’s utilize technology to make our vacations that much better!

PS — Just because you CAN access your email, files, and teams doesn’t mean you need to check-in every hour.  This is an emotional issue for most of us, the uncertainly of not knowing what’s going on.  Trust in your team, they will track you down if they need you.  Go get back out on the beach with the kids!