Introduction to Intelligent Technology (Part 1 of 4)

The shift from processing “information” to gathering “intelligence” in your business is critical to long term success.  There is a big difference.  Intelligent Technology is a competitive asset for your business.  Information technology started in the 60’s as a way to process batch jobs on mainframes.  If after checking out the link above you agree this is what you want IT to mean for your business…you can quit reading now!

Intelligent Technology is shifting how technology works in your business.

If technology is seen as a cost or a box to check, then you will slowly lose productivity and competitive advantage in your businesses.  The focus on technology cannot be on moving data around.  It must be on how to make Better Business Decisions that enable your business to gain (or maintain) competitive advantage.

The tactics of technology have changed.  Cloud is mainstream and required if you are going to compete.  Backups are not good enough, there must be RECOVERY in place that is instant.  Patching computers, anti-virus, and network monitoring shouldn’t even be discussed anymore, it’s a given.

Technology spend has shifted to an ongoing operational expense (OpEx) that should mirror the revenue of your business, just like water and electricity.  One-time technology expenses should be tied to clear ROI goals for your business.  These expenses should be on projects to implement new technology capabilities that are cloud-based.  No more $50,000 server refreshes or storage upgrades.

Over the next three weeks we will be discussing the three areas that Intelligent Technology services will deliver for your business.  Unlike traditional “IT”, Intelligent Technology will deliver tangible business results that you can measure, all the way to the bottom line!