Your car gets an alignment, so should your technology: Technology Alignment for Proactive IT

technology alignment

Avoid a technology blowout with regular technology alignment.

We have all been riding down the road in our car and had it “pull” to one side or the other.  We often pull the other way and head straight down the road.  What most people don’t realize is that misalignment wears your tires unevenly.  This reduces their expected life, leading to increased operating costs over time.  It can also lead to more serious issues like an accident or blowout.

Technology Alignment For Your Business

The same scenario happens with your technology infrastructure.  After hitting some “potholes” or “running over a curb,” things get out of alignment.  Now, you have to click through a couple of extra pop-ups when browsing the web, or an application crashes once a day.  We typically consider it a minor annoyance and “pull” back into the center of the road.

The bad news is that the additional wear is lost productivity.  All that “pulling” adds to a significant drag on your business over time.  The more serious issue happens when misalignment causes the proverbial blowout, a virus outbreak, lost data, or worse.  The larger your business, the more important alignment becomes.

To avoid this technology blow-out, Stringfellow regularly reviews all our Clients’ technology metrics to ensure Alignment with our Standards.  Minor proactive adjustments can keep productivity high and greatly reduce or eliminate those technology blowouts! 

If you feel like you may be pulling to one side just a little, call us to let us get you headed straight down the road again!