Shift your thinking on technology spending

Shift your thinking on technology spending….

Once your business reaches a certain size, the impact of technology increases dramatically.  Downtime becomes very painful, support requests increase due to a larger workforce, and IT becomes material to the profitability of the business.  There is a point in all businesses where “how IT is handled” has to make a change, especially if it has been treated in the past as an expense to be minimized.  The key is to shift your thinking on technology spend from an expense to an investment.

Once technology is seen as an area that can help the business grow it’s time to understand what investments will generate the most return. Typically the best returns come in three areas:

  1. Aligning the ongoing technology support cost with the size and scope of the business via outsourcing
  2. Moving from capital spending to recurring operating expense that aligns with utilization and capacity needs via a shift to a services-based IT model
  3. Following a technology strategy that standardizes all your equipment and platforms

Stringfellow has implemented the three changes above in all of our Client businesses with impressive results.  Productivity increases over-time, employees are freed up from downtime, and technology spend can be tied directly with the growth (or contraction) of the business. Technology turns into an area that can help increase the profit of the business without large (capital) investments or additional headcount.

If you are ready to shift your thinking on technology spending at your business, or are unhappy with the return you are getting today, give us a call!  Our business first approach to technology might be just want you need.