Snow Days?

Did Technology Kill the “Snow Day”?

If you are from the north please substitute “blizzard” for every time I say “snow” and we will all be on the same page.  Here in Nashville, TN, snow is considered the equivalent of kryptonite for cars and roadways (and technology).

It’s funny how everyone clamors to be able to “work from home” and then when the snow day hits we are suddenly unable to work if we cannot get to the office.  The reality is, that aside from the human interaction, there is no real reason you have to be at an office anymore to work.

What the snow day really does is gives us all a collective “excuse” to unplug and spend time with family and friends, while not being connected to a device.  The airplane was one of the last “excuses” to not be working but in-flight WiFi has killed that for many.

So I don’t think technology has ruined the snow day unless we let it!  What we need to focus on is how we prioritize WHEN we want to accomplish work, not necessarily where.  There should not be guilt or excuses associated with when you are working (or not). I think the focus should be on results and fit with the workplace culture.  In the long run we will all be happier and enjoy those “snow days” a lot more!

Written by: Edward Stringfellow