Support Center

The Stringfellow Service Desk is here for you!

Stringfellow provides Clients with a Service Desk staffed Monday through Friday, 7am – 6pm Central Standard Time and Saturdays 8am-12noon CST. After hours requests are handled until 11pm CST daily.

Support Request Process:

When requesting support, please use one of the methods below:

Client Point of Contact Form:

Stringfellow requires all Clients have an Agreement Administrator designated with us. However, it's often necessary to assign other points of contact as well. Please download the form below to list all contacts that have authorization to act on behalf of your Company. The role descriptions are listed below.

  • Agreement Administrator — Main point of contact for overall relationship with STG. Authorized to perform functions in all roles.
  • User Additions — Authorized to request that user accounts be setup in Client environment.
  • User Terminations — Authorized to request that user accounts be disabled and/or removed from Client environment.
  • Billing — Authorized to make payments, inquire about account balances and other billing related requests.
  • Technical — Authorized to approve technical changes in the Client environment. Main technical contact for STG.
  • Human Resources — Authorized to approve data access requests, including access to other user’s data or applications.

You can download the form here.