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At Stringfellow, we believe that Managed IT Services shouldn't take a toll on your wallet, your people or your time. Pass the burden on to us. We love it. We live for it. It's our Standard.

Proven IT Strategy with Managed IT Services

Proven Strategy

Stop wondering what your next move will be. Why spend time coming up with an IT strategy when we already have one.

Rapid IT Response and Resolution with Managed IT Services

Rapid Response & Resolution

Let our people help your people. Functional technology is awesome, but so are the people that make it happen.

Stringfellow Standard with Managed IT Services

Stringfellow Standard

A proven delivery model that works. And saves you time and money. Your business is unique, your IT shouldn't be.

Managed IT Services

As any business owner would tell you, time is money. They’d also tell you that a critical component to the operational success of a business is developing a robust IT management system and ensuring proper maintenance. Unless you happen to have an extensive background in managed IT services, building and maintaining your company’s IT system can be a complex, time consuming process that inhibits you from focusing on what’s most important – growing your business.

At Stringfellow Technology Group, we realize that IT support is important for companies of all sizes. Our founder spent several years as the IT Director at a $30M company, where he managed IT and completely rebuilt the company’s technology department from from the ground up. In this position, he quickly realized that he was passionate about bringing the efficiencies and solutions available to companies of that size to small and medium-sized businesses in Nashville, Birmingham, and Franklin. In 2005, Stringfellow Technology Group was founded to provide technology management, hosting, and professional services that deliver tangible business results.

Managed IT services from Stringfellow provide your company with a host of advantages:

  • Streamline your key business operations with our expert managed IT solutions
  • Maximize your output with technology that supports your business
  • Predict your IT costs with a flat rate, comprehensive managed IT plan
  • Protect your most valuable assets – we protect your computer network and its data from the outside electronic world

Managed Backup and Cloud Recovery Services

Day in and day out, you and your employees spend endless hours working to accomplish a number of common goals, ultimately serving the common goal of growing your business. The data, files, and information output by your team are critical to the operational success of your business, and making sure they’re stored in a secure manner is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your business continues to grow and operate efficiently. For years, businesses in Nashville, Franklin, and Birmingham have come to trust the privacy, security, and replication of their company’s data to the team of experts at Stringfellow Technology Group.

Our managed backup, cloud recovery, and hard drive recovery services make the recovery and exchange of your business data as simple as possible. Keeping your data secure isn’t a task that should be entrusted to just anyone – our team can be trusted to put our decades of experience in hard drive recovery and cloud recovery services to use to make sure that your data is in safe hands.

With online backup and recovery services from Stringfellow, you can expect:

  • Monitoring - 24/7 care of your data in a world-class data center
  • Hard Drive Recovery - Ability to recover data from hard drive or software failures
  • Secure backups - Replication of your valuable business data to local and cloud storage
  • Safety - Bullet-proof data security

You want results.
Stringfellow Technology Group delivers...
With reliable Managed IT Services.

Since 2005, Stringfellow Technology Group has been providing Managed IT Services for small business prices to organizations in Nashville and the surrounding areas. We believe that our staff are our most valuable resource, that’s why we empower them with continuing education opportunities, certifications and cross training. Better staff equals better service for you.

What’s more, after every service request, we invite you to participate in our client satisfaction survey. Your feedback ensures we continue to exceed your expectations and provide the timely solutions our clients love.

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