Impact of technology in family-owned businesses

The impact of technology in private and family-owned businesses can be the difference in scaling up, or sliding down. There are two key differences we have observed in how private and family-owned businesses approach technology change and investments.

People are the process

Most family businesses are built on people with whatever resources they had at the time.

Recalibrate your technology plan: Zero Trust Security

Get ready to hear a lot about the Zero Trust security model going forward. The #wfh movement has put this front and center in any technology planning discussion. This is not a fad or product to implement, it's a mindset shift that needs to occur in our technology planning.

It is time to recalibrate your technology plan

No matter how good your technology plan was going into 2020, it is time to recalibrate it. The business environment has permanently changed and will not be going back to "how it was" with or without COVID-19. Thousands of workers shifted to #wfh for the first time, and guess what? They were MORE productive than they have ever been.

Activating Azure

Many companies will eventually need to decide whether they should keep customer and other highly confidential information on their on-premise servers or in the cloud. When the time comes to make this type of decision it can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, this is where Azure Active Directory (AD), an identity management tool comes in to play.

Using Microsoft Teams, from a new user perspective

Almost all workplaces utilize email and an internal messaging system to connect with team members across an organizational level. Business tools like Slack, Zoom and GoToMeeting are often implemented in many offices to help individuals work more efficiently together.

IT Metrics that Matter the Most

What IT metrics matter the most? Is it how fast an issue is resolved? How many times the same issue reoccurs? Cost to resolve the issue? All of these metrics can have a varying degree of importance depending on who you ask! Today we are going to look at the IT metrics that provide the best overall picture of how your IT is performing for your business.

Being comfortable with technology isn’t the same as being competent

"Those younger folks handling our technology, they know how it works", says the business owner who has delegated all technology decisions to anyone under 30.  The next thing you know there are apps everyone, random one-off workflows and no overall strategy.

Intelligent Technology – 4 part series

The shift from processing "information" to gathering "intelligence" in your business is critical to long term success.  There is a big difference.  Intelligent Technology is a competitive asset for your business. Below are the links to our four part series that walks through what Intelligent Technology can mean for your business.

Intelligent Technology Transformation – In Real Life

Does your business need an Intelligent Technology transformation?  Not just a new coat of paint, but a serious remodeling.  Like that starter house you bought and now it has two children in it, TIME TO DO SOMETHING.
A technology transformation is often needed to reset the status quo.

Intelligent Technology – Increasing Productivity (Part 4 of 4)

Doing more with less, also known as increasing productivity.  This important concept is how employees enjoy a higher standard of living due to increased wages, and businesses increase profits.  The right technology services supporting your business strategy will increase your productivity over time.