Five Ways Your Team Can Boost Productivity with Azure AD

Everyone wants a more productive team, but with Azure AD you can deliver a lot of time saving benefits without much additional cost or another server. You may not recognize Azure AD as something you use, but if you use Microsoft 365, you’re already in Azure and you’re already using Azure AD. Azure AD is Azure Active Directory, Microsoft’s user and group management tool.

Keep the I, outsource the T

IT is two separate and distinct areas, Information, and Technology.  Most organizations only focus on the "T" resulting in reduced profits and productivity.  Let us look at the two sides of this and understand what needs to stay in-house, and what a partner should handle.

Are you waiting on your MSP to catch up on security?

Many MSPs are struggling to keep up with the security needs of their customers.  The volume of incidents, cost of implementing security solutions, and a reactive approach puts a lot of pressure on them.  In the meantime, issues pop up everywhere, further reducing their ability to get a plan together.

Does your IT plan include EDR?

Today's threats change too quickly for ant-virus products to keep up.  By the time a virus is added to the "bad" list on your computer it has changed to something else to avoid detection.  This game of cat and mouse is stacked heavily in favor of the cat!  All major anti-virus vendors are now shifting to an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) approach, and so should your business.

BCP tactics to keep your business running

It’s a fact of life. Events out of your control can disrupt your business operations. While you can’t necessarily control the unexpected, you can take some precautions to prevent most business disruptions. Here are some key business continuity strategies that organizations across the globe rely on to keep their doors open.

Are You Happy?

"What 'We are in Good Shape' and 'We are Happy' really mean..."
How many times has a friend or your spouse asked, "How are you?" and your response was "I’m good"?  I would bet that this response is less than truthful.  What you are really saying is one of the following:

I'm tired and want to be left alone
I've had a great day but would rather discuss something else
I don't want to re-live all the bad stuff that happened today
Now is not the time to discuss how I'm feeling or I'm not comfortable being honest with you about how I'm feeling.

Can Your Business Survive A Disaster?

Most business owners don’t normally think they will be a victim of a natural disaster…not until an unforeseen crisis happens and their company ends up suffering from thousands or millions of dollars in economic and operational losses — all because of the lack of thoughtful disaster preparedness. This post gives small or mid-sized businesses (SMBs) […]

Snow Days?

Did Technology Kill the "Snow Day"?
If you are from the north please substitute "blizzard" for every time I say "snow" and we will all be on the same page.  Here in Nashville, TN, snow is considered the equivalent of kryptonite for cars and roadways (and technology).

It's funny how everyone clamors to be able to "work from home" and then when the snow day hits we are suddenly unable to work if we cannot get to the office.

Keep the lights on and your business running

When people think of the causes of downtime and the need for a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), they tend to think big. Powerful storms, massive blizzards, fires and floods are usually what springs to mind when business continuity is mentioned. And while these disasters can disrupt your business, a small power outage can be just […]