Key Benefits of Outsourcing IT Service in Modern Healthcare with HealthSafeIT

Key Benefits of Professional IT Service in Modern Healthcare

Outsourcing IT services is a strategic decision for healthcare institutions to enhance operational efficiency, security, and patient care quality. HealthSafeIT offers a comprehensive and tested approach to healthcare IT needs. This article explores the benefits of using HealthSafeIT for outsourcing IT services in today’s healthcare environment.

Expertise and Specialization with HealthSafeIT

HealthSafeIT brings a level of expertise and specialization in IT services that is unparalleled, specifically tailored to meet the complex demands of the healthcare sector.

  • Professional IT Service and Consulting Mastery: The team at HealthSafeIT possesses a rich blend of skills and deep knowledge in healthcare IT, essential for navigating the sector’s unique challenges. We’ve found and recruited the best healthcare business leaders and engineers with decades of success inside healthcare business environments.
  • Cutting-Edge Technological Advancements: HealthSafeIT ensures healthcare providers are equipped with the latest technological solutions, keeping them ahead in an ever-advancing field. We’ve been cloud-first since 2005 and have a huge head start over anyone else in helping make your office the most productive and secure for your providers and staff.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Management

With Medicare cuts to reimbursements and the rising costs of personnel, the value proposition of HealthSafeIT has to be solid. Through HealthSafeIT’s streamlined IT solutions, healthcare operations have become significantly more efficient, translating to notable cost savings. We help find and eliminate extra software and licenses and cut extra steps and inefficiencies in your office around your technology. We can shave weekly hours off your schedules and have done so successfully for years for other clinics.

Find out more in this case study in Technology Return on Investment and learn how we helped one group pay for our services in full and made money by switching to us.

Robust Data Security and Compliance

An advantage of our deep expertise in healthcare and focus on the industry is that we keep up to date with the latest HIPAA regulations and changes coming down the road. Furthermore, we set up systems and processes to keep compliance and security working yet transparent and unobtrusive. With HealthSafeIT, healthcare providers gain the assurance of top-tier data security and compliance with industry standards – but in such a way that it boosts productivity.

Scalable and Tested IT Services

The core of what we do is provide essential IT services and support for your people. We’ve done this since 2005 and are the best at it, boasting a 97% customer satisfaction score, 11-second average answer time for calls, and 8-minute average resolution. Recognizing the dynamic nature of healthcare, HealthSafeIT offers scalable and tested IT services to meet evolving needs.

  • Flexible IT Service Framework: HealthSafeIT is adept at scaling services in line with the changing demands of healthcare operations. Whether you’ve got 50 employees or 500, we’re there to support your growing clinic and make sure your people can deliver on the promise made to your patients for better care.
  • Tried and Tested Solutions: HealthSafeIT specializes in providing solutions uniquely tailored to the healthcare industry but using tried and tested systems and processes learned from 20 years of healthcare IT service and support. We would never try new products on clients without deep internal testing and a long track record with a solution. Vendor commissions are secondary only to customer satisfaction; we provide what we know works, giving us the most predictable and scalable solutions for your clinics.

Enhanced Focus on Core Medical Tasks

Delegating IT responsibilities to HealthSafeIT enables healthcare professionals to prioritize their primary mission of delivering high-quality patient care. The challenges of building an internal IT team are vast and numerous. The best IT people want to work for us because of how many clients we get to work with and help improve. Trying to build an internal team is expensive, and the amount of experience you’ll have is sparse at best. Your budget may provide for one or two internal people. By signing up with HealthSafeIT, you get an IT service and consulting team of over 25 people (and growing!) on standby, waiting to help your clinic providers and staff.

Minimized IT Responsibilities

HealthSafeIT fully controls IT-related tasks, allowing medical staff to concentrate on patient care. If you end up with internal technical staff, they don’t have to fuss with resetting passwords and rebooting servers (problems that should be eliminated). Instead, they can focus on the valuable information your clinic manages and produce reports and metrics around patient care improvement and quality measurements. We also support many technical people, providing IT services for software development companies and durable medical equipment manufacturers. We’ll be able to help your internal technical people excel at the healthcare informatics part of what you need them to do, not waste time doing repetitive IT tasks we can help eliminate.

Extended Impact of HealthSafeIT

The benefits of employing HealthSafeIT extend beyond traditional IT services, adding significant value to healthcare institutions’ overall functionality.

  • Wide Spread Availability of IT Support: HealthSafeIT offers nationwide remote support, ensuring the uninterrupted functionality of IT systems for groups from California to Maine. The groups we support stretch across North America and have several locations in various states. That kind of geographical presence makes it nearly impossible to keep an internal team engaged, and good luck trying to find an MSP that will support your team as far as we do. We have the reach needed to take you where you want to go.
  • Empowerment through Training: A key aspect of HealthSafeIT’s service is training healthcare staff, equipping them to utilize IT resources efficiently. Check out our End User Education page to see how many resources we’ve gathered for your staff to use. Above and beyond that, your staff can call our Technical Support Services folks, and we’ll be glad to help get them unstuck, which sometimes can include a bit of training on top of support.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Opting for HealthSafeIT’s outsourced IT services presents a strategic advantage for contemporary healthcare providers, offering a synthesis of expertise, innovation, and patient-centered solutions. This approach streamlines IT operations and significantly enhances patient care and operational efficiency.

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