Cybersecurity Awareness Month Starts Now

October is cybersecurity awareness month

In the rapidly evolving domain of healthcare IT, ensuring the security and integrity of sensitive information is paramount. This October, recognized as Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we at Stringfellow Technology Group are excited to contribute to the global discourse on cybersecurity, focusing especially on the healthcare sector. Our mission is not only to provide top-notch healthcare IT solutions but to also be a resource for healthcare leaders in navigating the cybersecurity landscape.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an initiative that aims to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity across all sectors of society. This year the focus is on empowering individuals and organizations to take proactive steps in securing their digital footprint.

How We’re Contributing This Month

In honor of this significant month, we will be sharing tips, tricks, and insights on how to bolster cybersecurity within healthcare clinics. Our blog and social media channels will feature expert advice, best practices, and actionable strategies to help healthcare leaders secure their digital assets and patient data. From understanding the basics of phishing and malware to exploring advanced Microsoft 365 security features, we’ve got a spectrum of topics covered.

Moreover, we understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare clinics when it comes to cybersecurity. With our strong Microsoft 365 component, we are well-equipped to offer tailored solutions that meet the stringent security standards of the healthcare sector.

Open Invitation

We invite all healthcare leaders to join us in this cybersecurity endeavor. Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels throughout October for valuable insights that could significantly bolster your clinic’s cybersecurity posture.

At Stringfellow Technology Group, we believe in fostering a culture of continuous learning and awareness when it comes to cybersecurity. As we navigate through Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we hope to create a ripple effect that will inspire a robust cybersecurity culture within the healthcare sector, ensuring a safer digital future for all.

If you’re unsure about your company’s cybersecurity, one way to improve it would be to schedule a discovery call with our consultants.

We help hundreds of clinics stay secure and want to help your group safe and your patient records protected.

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