Suffering from IT Stockholm Syndrome?

Managed IT Services for Healthcare

Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon wherein individuals who are taken hostage or are subjected to prolonged captivity develop an unexpected bond or alliance with their captors. This alliance, marked by positive feelings towards the captor and sometimes even a defense of their actions, can help the victims survive. Historically, the term originated from a bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1973, hostages defended their captors and resisted assistance from law enforcement officials. (Lambert, 2023)

We see the same mentality every day: healthcare groups held hostage by poor performing IT departments or vendors. Subsequently, they even defend those same groups despite the productivity and security hassles.

By entrusting the right IT provider like Stringfellow, clinics can avoid the pitfalls of being “in love” with an underperforming IT team and break free from your technology captors today. On top of being free, we empower your whole team to perform like they have never been able to perform before, with the best technology and solution stack available.

The Problem with Traditional IT in Healthcare

Celebrating quick recoveries from IT downtime? Ask yourself: why did you go down in the first place?!

IT should be transparent to successful businesses. It should be like plumbing or electrical in that it always “just works” and outages are after hours and scheduled for weeks in advanced. If you’re having outages during business working hours, do the math for what it costs the business in terms of lost productivity time and reputation damage. Then decide if it’s worth it. It’s probably not if you have a group of any substantial size.

What is the chance that the best healthcare IT provider just happens to be in your city? Chances are it’s pretty slim. With clients in over 26 states, Stringfellow Technology Group is the best healthcare managed IT services provider in the country, and we have the track record to prove it. If you’re having frequent outages, even if they recover quick, you’re still playing in the wrong ballfield and need a provider group who can help prevent outages all together for your entire enterprise.


The Consequences of Settling

A lot of healthcare groups settle. They settle for local support or a smaller group. They settle for only buying basic IT service from a basic IT provider.

Settling for less in the realm of managed services for healthcare has significant repercussions:

The Stringfellow Advantage in Managed Services for Healthcare

At Stringfellow Technology Group, we redefine managed services, rooted in our core values:

  1. Dig to Bedrock: We don’t just address surface-level IT problems. We delve deep to understand and rectify the root causes. We do this through ongoing alignments and proactive roadmaps for our clients, giving them a future-facing look at the next year.
  2. Land the Plane: Our approach ensures comprehensive solutions, not just temporary fixes. And our positive outcomes reflect through our amazing customer satisfaction scores, hovering around 97-99% satisfaction.
  3. Say it with a Smile: Partnering with us means a positive, collaborative experience. To that end, we aren’t afraid to deliver hard or bad news, especially if the business depends on our assessment and advice for its survival. By staying positive, our consultants and service desk folks can be helpful and brighten up the day for the people with whom we interact.
  4. Play Offense: We take a proactive stance, anticipating and addressing potential IT challenges. Every client we work with gets access to the latest trends and planning resources for regular roadmaps and strategies. We want you to succeed and we involve you in your own success.


Success in Managed Services: A Healthcare Story

Our expertise in healthcare is best illustrated by our partnership with a Nashville healthcare group. Previously, they were struggling with in-house IT, they experienced transformative growth upon collaborating with us, opening more clinics and seeing a staggering 300% growth.

If your healthcare organization is grappling with IT challenges, it’s time to consider breaking free from captivity and making the decision to work with a better provider. Embrace the future for healthcare by making Stringfellow Technology Group your healthcare technology partner.

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