Ready for 3-4 weeks downtime? Healthcare Cybersecurity and why it matters

Healthcare Cybersecurity

🔒 Is Your Healthcare Organization Ready for 3-4 Weeks of Downtime?

The recent HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum highlighted an alarming trend—ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations are dramatically increasing. #cybersecurity

💡 Key Points from the Forum:

  • High-impact ransomware attacks can shut down hospital computer networks.
  • These cyberattacks are now considered on par with terrorist attacks in terms of federal priority.
  • An estimated 100 million patients could be impacted by data breaches this year alone.

🛑 The Risk is Real!

  • The downtime could last for 3-4 weeks, affecting patient care and operational continuity.
  • How well is your organization prepared for such an eventuality?

🔐 Why Choose Stringfellow Technology Group?

  • As experts in healthcare IT, we understand the unique challenges you face.
  • Our Microsoft 365 solutions are tailored to meet the cybersecurity needs of healthcare clinics.
  • Specialized in healthcare IT, we bring both technology and sector-specific expertise to your door.

📈 Act Now to Protect Your Healthcare Institution

  • Don’t let cybersecurity risks hold you back. Let’s build a resilient and secure healthcare IT environment together.

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