Scaling the Summit: Elevating Healthcare IT

Hierarchy of Needs

In today’s digital era, Information Technology (IT) plays a pivotal role in healthcare clinics’ functioning and growth. Many clinics find themselves operating on the first two levels of the Healthcare IT Needs Hierarchy, focusing primarily on basic infrastructure and data protection. However, the real magic happens when you ascend towards the top of the pyramid. That’s where Stringfellow Technology Group steps in, offering advanced solutions. We elevate healthcare IT and support your providers to reach your clinic’s full potential.

Physiological Needs (Infrastructure)

The foundation of any healthcare clinic’s IT structure involves ensuring basic functionality. Functional hardware, reliable internet connectivity, and robust security measures form the building blocks of this tier. While these elements are crucial, they only represent the starting point of the IT journey.

We call this the “Naked and Afraid” stage of technology. Most companies are on the island, naked and afraid, and are in such a reactive mindset that they’re just trying to avoid hacks, ransomware, and any other outages or downtime that affect companies in healthcare. This is what most companies consider “fine.” We are about elevating healthcare IT, which means getting past the first two levels.

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Safety Needs (Data Protection & Compliance)

Next comes the task of safeguarding the wealth of sensitive data that healthcare clinics handle daily. Adhering to compliance standards like HIPAA, ensuring regular data backups, and drafting disaster recovery plans is essential. Yet, the focus on these safety measures often dominates IT efforts, leaving little room for strategic growth.

This is where a lot of companies think they should be. The focus on industry compliance and safety is important but doesn’t necessarily imply productivity or even a functioning business. This is where a lot of cybersecurity firms live and work and it’s the level being sold by security companies. If your IT company doesn’t do security really well, you need a new partner. And if security is the level being sold, you need a new perspective from a new business partner who has risen above that level and can bring you along.

Social Needs (Collaboration & Communication)

At Stringfellow Technology Group, we understand that to truly leverage your IT potential, you need to ascend the hierarchy. At the third level, we emphasize enhancing collaboration and communication. We offer solutions that facilitate efficient interaction within your team and establish reliable, user-friendly communication channels with your patients and employees.

We have deep expertise in the collaboration and communication level of technology, and we think it really helps get companies working together strategically across departmental borders, eliminating silos and building bridges. Microsoft Teams is a start, but if that tool isn’t setup right, it can be just as much of a hinderance as a productivity booster.

Esteem Needs (Operational Efficiency)

Moving further up the hierarchy, our focus shifts towards refining your clinic’s operational excellence. At Stringfellow Technology Group, we assist in the careful selection and implementation of essential tools such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) and practice management software to suit your specific needs. Beyond this, our expertise lies in optimizing your use of Microsoft 365 tools, including Microsoft Teams, to improve team collaboration and productivity. We strive to provide your staff with faster systems and simpler logins and authentication processes, thereby enhancing overall efficiency. Our goal is not just to implement systems, but to ensure they serve as catalysts for productivity and operational advancement in your healthcare clinic.

Self-Actualization (Innovation & Growth)

Finally, we aim to propel you towards the pinnacle of the hierarchy – Innovation & Growth. With Stringfellow Technology Group, you can unlock advanced analytics for data-driven decision making, adopt telemedicine to expand patient outreach, and tap into the power of AI-assisted diagnosis and treatment tools. Our clients are leaders in their fields of medicine and create systems that are force multipliers and provide medical services to patients not in their clinics through telemedicine and telehealth portals.

This is where we want to see our clinics get to. The promise of technology in medicine is better patient outcomes for more patients in more places. We have seen it happen; rural clinics getting upgraded to the level of hospitals and big-city clinics, helping patients achieve things they never thought possible.

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Conclusion and Next Steps

While many healthcare clinics operate at the lower tiers of the IT needs hierarchy, there’s an immense potential that lies beyond. As your trusted IT partner, Stringfellow Technology Group is committed to guiding your climb, helping you progress through the hierarchy and unlock the full potential of your IT infrastructure.

We want to get you up the Hierarchy of Healthcare Technology Needs pyramid! Reach out today and let’s schedule time to see how far up the pyramid you are and where you want to be.