Healthcare Data Breach Highlights Industry Needs

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Another healthcare clinic in middle Tennessee was hacked in April and the local news turned to Stringfellow Technology Group’s CEO Edward Stringfellow to talk about what went wrong. His insight should be useful to any small clinic owner in helping prevent another healthcare data breach. and what happened in this healthcare data breach. If you follow our site, you know about our dedication to helping the medical community stay secure and keep patients safe. Here is a post to the video. This should highlight the need for constant vigilance around patient data for your entire clinical practice.

If you’re not sure about your security at your business or clinic, reach out to us phone, email, or social media. We always welcome the chance to give your company a risk assessment. We’re really good at what we do. We take pride in helping others improve their systems through our healthcare partnership program. Criminals still target healthcare more than any other industry. The focus for any small business should be constant ongoing cybersecurity awareness training, re-evaluation of existing system in place and assessments of how things are set up currently.

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