Cyber Liability Insurance is Not Optional…

Would you consider NOT having a general business liability insurance policy?  What about insurance for your property and equipment?  Of course, you wouldn't! 

These types of insurance have been considered a cost of doing business since Lloyd's of London was started in 1688.  Fast forward - past the Industrial Revolution - and into the Information Age and a LOT has changed.


A proper technology strategy should have a meaningful impact on your business. 

Meaningful means more than keeping on budget, maximizing useful life, or calculating pay back periods on capital outlays.  Meaningful is giving your business ALIGNMENT with a technology strategy that has been proven to deliver increased ROI over time, increased productivity, and improved competitive advantage.

Tips to add value to your blog

When listing your company’s assets, your blog probably doesn’t make the cut. Many businesses tend to ignore blogging – which is a real mistake these days. By putting time and resources into your blog, your can transform it from just another webpage to one of the most valuable things to your company’s growth.