Is your IT provider’s business model holding you back?

Would you expect the Chevy dealer to tell you that the new model Ford would be a better fit for your family's needs?  Is your local retailer going to tell you that Amazon has a much better price?

Would you expect your project-based, hourly IT provider to recommend that you move to a solution that would require less time to manage and no project to setup?  The answer is no, and in just the past week I've seen this in practice twice!

The reality is that the vast majority of IT providers are (still) based solely on billing time, selling hardware, and making recommendations that generate projects.

No More AD Servers

The server-less future is closer than you think.
I have been predicting that Microsoft would soon allow workstations to be joined directly to their Office 365 cloud-based domain (Azure AD for you techies) for some time, and that time has come.  What in the world does this mean to me, you ask?  Well, it means that one of the few remaining reasons to have a server onsite is fading away.

Office 2016 for Mac is now available

Office 2016 for Mac has arrived, and it brings with it several new features to Microsoft’s popular productivity suite and cloud-based services. Microsoft has fixed various bugs and functionality issues in its latest Office version, allowing users to fully make use of the software and integrate it seamlessly with their Mac platform.