Status Updates


LAST UPDATED 3-24-2020 3:00PM Central

Email support -- available as usual

Phone support -- available as usual, working remotely since 3-23-2020

Onsite support -- limited to critical issues and scheduled project work

Workstation Deployments -- remote only, new equipment will be direct shipped

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Lead times for new laptops/desktops ordered today would be approximately 3-4 weeks.


Our corporate office is located in a "shelter-in-place" mandated area.  We have shifted to 100% remote work at this time.  Please utilize email for support requests whenever possible for fastest response.  We expect hold times to increase as we transition the Service Desk to a remote model.


We will be limited in our ability to provide onsite support until further notice.  Workstation setups and deployments will also be limited.  We are working to get all machines we have already setup out of our office for deployment ASAP.


Our professional services team has transitioned to 100% remote work.


Hardware back-orders are increasing at a rapid rate.  Laptops, docking stations, and other remote working gear will be constrained for the foreseeable future.