Acquisition Opportunities


Are you working in your best and highest use each day? Did you start your technology company to help others, only to find that you are spending more time "running a business" than providing the value you set out to deliver?

I've met hundreds of technology company owners and executives over the years, and there is a common theme, they all want to help their customers succeed. They went out there and built a company that would deliver the value they wanted to provide. Fast forward, and the business is going okay, BUT one day you realize the joy is not there and you really just "own a job". The classic conundrum of figuring out how to work "on" your business, not "in" it.

We are looking for owners that want to get back to their best and highest use. That can mean getting back to working directly with customers in a technical or sales role, starting another career, or realizing an exit that fairly values the business you have built and continues to provide opportunities for your current team members.

At Stringfellow, we have established a clear set of operational metrics, technical standards, and proven strategies that are helping our Clients succeed each day. We also want all our team members, at every level, to be working in their best and highest use. If you are interested in understanding how you can become part of our team, and get back to what you started your business for in the first place, please get in touch via the form below. All information and conversations will be held in strict confidence.

Our goal is to build on our established service delivery and operation model throughout the US. Our current focus is on the Southeast/Midwest markets. If you fit into the criteria below we would enjoy talking with you.

Revenues $500,000-$5M
Markets 600 miles or less from Nashville, TN
Market Size More than 200,000 population
Business Age 3+ years in operation

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